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Posted on July 13, 2011


Blueberries Eating blueberries and a diet rich in deep pigment from fruits and vegetables helps protect the brain structure and improve neuronal signal transmission. Blueberries literally strengthen the brain. In one recent study, those who ate one cup of blueberries a day for two weeks showed an increase in cells of the hippocampus (region responsible for memory and deteriorated in Alzheimer patients), and scored significantly higher on tests than those who did not. Blueberries are also known to protect the brain from oxidative stress and may reduce the effects of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Anthocyanins in blueberries has been shown to prevent cell damage.

Egg Yolk is a high source of choline – nutrient – precursor to acetylcholine, an important brain chemical that is responsible for learning, memory and overall brain health. 




It’s definitely not a myth that fish is good for the body, but is also excellent for the brain. People who eat high amounts of fish in their have lowered rates of depression & neurosis and better mood.

Fish fights aging in the brain and significantly reduces cognitive decline in the elderly. Fatty fish such as sardines, salmon and mackerel contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty-acids such as EPA and DHA both which are especially important for not only the brain, but the entire body. DHA is a main component of brain’s gray matter and an essential part of brain cell membrane (or mem-brain).

That’s why I take the fish oil supplements daily, which have been proven as effective as actually eating fish.  If you are currently consuming plenty of fish or taking fish oil supplements, you are helping your brain reach a peak level of performance! If you aren’t, your brain is definitely missing out.

Spinach contains high amounts of Vitamin C and E and has been shown in research to protect the brain from oxidative stress, improve learning and memory.



Funny how nature makes certain foods look like certain parts of our bodies, which amazingly end up being an excellent for the health of those parts.

Tomatoes for example contain high amount of lutein and have been shown to be excellent for the heart, and eggplants are super for the muscles. 

Walnuts not only have high amounts of Omega 3 but also packed with high levels of anti-oxidants such as ellagic acid and have been shown to reduce brain deterioration and aging.

Here is the recipe to start your day with the potent Brain Fueling Protein Shake:



½ banana

½ cup of fresh or frozen blueberries

4 oz of unsweetened soy, almond or rice milk

1 oz of fresh walnuts

20 grams of whey, soy, hemp or rice protein powder

2 ½ droppers of Brain-E DHA, banana-cinnamon flavor. (see side column for more details).

1 Tbsp of Omega Co-3 (see side column).

1 Tbsp of Nitric Balance (see side column).



Place all the ingredients into a blender and blend for 30 seconds to a minute, until smooth. Add water or ice for the desired consistency.



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