Green Lemonade Detox

Posted on December 6, 2010

Green Lemonade Detox

This is 3 to 5 day fast.  Three days is a minimum, in order for it to be effective. During the fast, take no medicines or vitamins that you can not do without (consult a physician before taking yourself off medications). Limit your dietary intake to a drink that is made up of freshly squeezed organic lemon and/or lime juice (with pulp), water, organic maple syrup (grade ‘B’ is preferred), and brewed organic green tea (optional). Exact proportions are not critical, but you can use the sample recipe below to base yours on.

Take few sips of the drink every 10-15 minutes throughout the day. This is critically important!  Otherwise you will experience hunger, you blood sugar will fluctuate, and your body will produce stress hormones that you are trying to avoid.

You ought to expect to feel the need to urinate frequently.

If you are taking sips all day you should be able to stabilize your blood sugar without any foods.

If you truly become hungry, and drinking every 10-15 minutes does not help, you may eat one food (or a fresh veggie drink), but it must be a vegetable you rarely eat, such as kale, cauliflower, chard, or bitter greens. Do not add anything to the vegetables such as salt, spices or dressings.

You can purchase all of the ingredients in your local Trader Joe’s market. Make a fresh batch every day. Pour into the portable container or cup and refrigerate the remaining unused portion.

If you suddenly become overly tired and lightheaded or develop headaches, discontinue the fast, start eating regular food.

Sample recipe:

1 Gallon of purified water

1 Cup of fresh squeezed organic lemon or limejuice

1 Cup of grade B maple syrup

2-4 Organic green tea bags (you may omit green tea, or use decaf, if that is what you prefer).

Arthur Gazaryants, L.Ac.


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