Acupuncture Face Lift

Believe it or not, the visual signs of aging start to appear at 20 years old, but definitely accelerate after 40. There are three main factors: loss of collagen, loss of moisture and loss of muscle tone. Most of this manifests on the face, largely because it is the most exposed to the external environment. It is also the most noticeable part of our body. Oriental medicine has long known that the face is the window into a person’s physical well-being and emotional health; it has even developed a diagnostic system based on facial patterns. Using this same system of Oriental medicine and acupuncture, we have developed a completely natural, painless, and health-promoting facial rejuvenation program, or AFR.


What is AFR?


AFR is a comprehensive, three-month program that includes weekly acupuncture treatments, frequent facial massage sessions, and a nutritional and facial care consultation.


What to expect?


Patients have reported a tightening sensation on their face after their treatments and over the course of their AFR sessions. Visible changes include the disappearance of fine lines, diminishment of deep wrinkles, firmness of jowl and chin line, reduction of bags under the eyes and less puffiness. Other benefits such as increased energy, clarity and overall happiness often accompany AFR treatments.


How does AFR work?


AFR addresses the causes of aging and protects the skin from further deterioration. AFR is designed to optimize the flow of blood to the skin, increasing the number of skin-building cells (fibroblasts). AFR also helps to improve the patient’s overall well-being, with a marked decrease in the inflammatory process, which is the major accelerator of aging.


Is AFR superior to plastic surgery or Botox?


If patients expect to experience immediate results without addressing the underlying causes, then they should opt for surgery. But if you want to tackle the aging process itself, create a natural-looking, toned appearance, and improve your overall health — all without spending thousands of dollars — then the natural glow and lift of AFR should be right for you.


Acupuncture is safe, effective, and natural, it has been used very effectively for thousands of years by literally billions of people worldwide for a variety of disorders.