We are a holistic medical practice that combines all “Seven Principles” of healing into a powerful healing approach that allows patients to benefit greatly and to move closer to achieving the level of health they want to achieve.

Dr. Arthur Gazaryants

Our vision is to:

  • Change the world one patient at a time.
  • We create a conducive and trusting environment for health to flourish.
  • We believe in consistency from both doctor and the patient.
  • We understand that it takes skill, focus and dedication to be a great healer.
  • We define health as a state of positive vitality, well-being, abundant energy, increased longevity and general zest for life.
  • We create a healthy partnership in a caring environment where every patient is treated as a unique individual they are.
  • We believe in educating each patient about how to heal their health condition.

The “seven principles of healing” refer to a set of guiding principles that are commonly used in natural and holistic approaches to health and wellness. These principles are based on the idea that the body has an inherent ability to heal itself, and that certain principles can be followed to support and facilitate this natural healing process.

The seven principles of healing are:

  1. The principle of holism: This principle states that the body is a whole system, and that all of its parts are interconnected and interdependent.
  2. The principle of balance: This principle emphasizes the importance of maintaining homeostasis within the body, both physically and emotionally.
  3. The principle of the vital force: This principle suggests that the body has a vital force or energy that is necessary for healing and maintaining health.
  4. The principle of the interconnections between the body, mind, and environment: This principle recognizes that the body, mind, and environment are interconnected and that healing involves addressing all of these factors.
  5. The principle of the body’s innate intelligence: This principle suggests that the body has a natural wisdom and knows how to heal itself, and that the role of the healer is to listen to and support this process.
  6. The principle of the healing power of nature: This principle emphasizes the role that natural remedies and therapies and lifestyle changes can play in promoting healing and maintaining health.
  7. The principle of the importance of the present moment: This principle suggests that healing occurs in the present moment and that being present and fully engaged in the present moment is essential for healing to occur.

These principles are important because they provide a framework for understanding and approaching health and wellness in a holistic and natural way. By following these principles, individuals can support and enhance their own natural healing processes and maintain optimal health and well-being.

More and more people move away from a legacy medicine and symptom management and into this more holistic, health-promoting approach that not only treats the symptoms but also addresses the root of the problem. Artupuncture Wellness Clinic is at the forefront of this change in medicine. Our goal and passion is to provide these safe alternatives to our patients, many of whom have not found answers in legacy medicine.

When a person walks through our doors, they become part of a nurturing and inviting haven conducive to healing.  Our goal is to preserve a holistic environment generating positive rejuvenating energy. We will make every effort to communicate and educate in a clear manner, take the time to listen to questions and concerns, and thoroughly explain all aspects of our treatment to each and every patient.  We will make it our wholehearted duty to provide treatment with respect, fulfill treatment expectations, and strive to improve the quality of life for every individual we have the honor of serving.