The main principles of Dr. Gazaryants’ Advanced Optimization Method (AOM) for achieving the highest level of wellness have their foundation in Acupuncture, Oriental and Functional Medicine, Functional Lab Testing and Physical Exam.

This revolutionary method focuses on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle modification, while taking into account each patient’s unique genetic, microbiome, psychological, emotional, physical characteristics, and even environmental factors.


The exercise component is determined by the individual’s metabolic needs and goals. It consists of simple activities like daily walks to higher-intensity weight and aerobic training. For additional support, Dr. Gazaryants works with a number of gyms and wellness centers with the experienced personal trainers who are familiar with our approach, and are willing to work with each and every patient to keep them focused on their target.


The nutritional foundation is the glue of AOM and is based on gut health, detoxification, meal and supplement planning and education. His unique functional approach to nutrition and healing overall is personalized and deals with primary prevention of chronic illness through the use of foods and nutritional supplements instead of medications. Dr. Gazaryants provides his patients with specific nutritional precision meal planning and targeted supplement program to help his patients achieve the results they’re looking for fast.

Lifestyle modification:

Lifestyle modification is a crucial component of AOM. Dr. Gazaryants provides guidance to build and strengthen self-confidence and a positive self-image. This is achieved through empathetic and non-forceful encouragement, resulting in strong motivation and a healthy mindset to counteract psychological and emotional stresses.

Dr. Gazaryants measures physiological and environmental aspects such as genetics, detoxification profiles, complete blood chemistry, GI-MAP™ (comprehensive gut microbiome health test), hormonal, immunological, organic acid levels, food sensitivities and more to give his patients the most complete picture yet as to what’s their body’s internal environment and map out a detailed plan to the optimum vitality and health.

The principles of AOM draw the best from both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, tying them together holistically and thoughtfully to provide a level of care for the patients that is decades beyond the current overburdened and outdated healthcare system that is primarily dictated by the health insurance and pharmaceutical and other medical companies and organizations.