Here in Southern California, we are fortunate to live near the Pacific Ocean. The next time you visit the beach, find some shells, examine them closely. No two are alike. You begin to see all the complexities: the varying colors, the intricate design, the weathering patterns created during their journey to the shore.

Each person is just as unique. So why put all trust concerning your health in a doctor who looks at you on a surface level? From medical school, physicians are trained to evaluate you from a general perspective, disregarding important factors that affect your health. However, in creating a successful treatment protocol, all things must be considered: diet, lifestyle, stressors, emotional and physical health and even your journey to this point. Most doctors do not take the time to talk with you about these integral areas of your life. When your physician approaches your well-being from such a rudimentary perspective, it discounts the innate healing abilities our bodies have and will naturally turn to once the pathways are clear. Looking at it this way, typical treatment by a physician can actually be counterintuitive and may in fact go against the natural inclination of our human design.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual – this is a fundamental part of my practice. I will take the time to speak with you, evaluate all aspects of your life and create a treatment protocol accordingly and with the goal of the best outcome for you. In this way, I will help you build a more resilient constitution so that you may weather all the ebbs and flows of your life.

To Your Health,