Taming the BeastBut you may come to find it only offers temporary satisfaction. Then you need more to satiate an ever-growing craving.

And while the effects of this increased dopamine are short-lived, the effects on your body’s metabolism and functions are more significantly impacted. It may contribute to illnesses such as insulin resistance, diabetes and cause inflammation, which is an underlying cause for many diseases and can often fuel autoimmune flare ups.

I am not opposed to carbohydrates. In fact, I advocate for consuming responsibly and with limitations, should your health warrant this ability to be more liberal with your food choices. But first, before you make such a choice for yourself, let’s examine if there’s an underlying reason you may want to indulge this never-ending hunger. If there is, such as the ones mentioned above, or even an emotional coping mechanism, I can work with you to correct this and stabilize your blood sugar levels. Otherwise, you may be fueling a monster that will be hard to put back in the box.

To Your Health,
Arthur Gazaryants, DOM